DC Contactors

Curtis/Albright offers a full line of UL recognized DC contactors engineered for outstanding performance and durability in the widest range of power systems, telecommunications, industrial and motorized vehicle applications.

Millions are in use worldwide, proven in the toughest conditions and backed by a partnership and reputation decades in the making: Albright engineering assures you of quality for every application; Curtis know-how makes it easy to select the contactor or switch meeting your exact requirements.


Specifying the right Curtis/Albright contactors in four easy steps

1. Determine your application type
A. Power Systems & Telecommunications at 80 to 2000 Amps (continuous)
B. Vehicle & Industrial at 100 to 250 Amps (continuous)
2. Specify a contactor
2.1 Specify your continuous current rating.
2.2 Determine the terminal connection type:
• Printed Circuit Board (PCB) • Stud • Busbar
2.3 Select the general product type and specific configuration
single pole (SP) - single throw (ST) normally open (NO) normally closed (NC)
or double pole (DP) - single throw (ST) normally open (NO) normally closed (NC)
Changeover: single pole (SP) - double throw (DT)
Forward/reverse: single pole (SP) - double pole (DP)

3. Find the Curtis/Albright model number.

4. Choose options to add functionality or to customize the contactor
From special mounting brackets to protective covers, to coils for
AC applications, Curtis/Albright options give you the flexibility to
custom-design a product to your needs.


Two ways to find the right contactor for your application:

1. Look it up on our Power Systems & Telecommunications or
Vehicle & Industrial Model Charts
2. For custom products, special applications and esoteric models,
please fill out the easy online specification form and submit it
directly to Curtis/Albright sales management

  • Millions in use worldwide
  • High continuous current ratings in compact, rugged packages.
  • Coils available to your specification anywhere in the range of 6 to 240 volts DC.
  • An additional bridge rectifier enables using coils with AC power.
  • Weld-resistant, hard-wearing silver alloy contact tips for excellent conductivity and long life.
  • Double breaking design protects against arcing.
  • Easy to install, and fully field serviceable with genuine Curtis/Albright parts.
  • UL recognized for use in power systems/telecommunications and industrial applications.
  • Silver-plated busbars on 600-amp and higher models prevent oxidation and eliminate the need to prepare connectors for installation.
  • A - Auxiliary contacts. A set of auxiliary contacts (one normally open, one normally closed) mechanically linked to the main contacts, to switch anything below 5 Amperes.
  • B - Magnetic blowouts. Protect against sustained arcs; recommended at 48 volts DC and higher.
  • CO - Coils for continuous operation. Allow continuous energy flow to the coil, compared with standard coils rated for intermittent operation (ON time under 70 percent and less than 15 minutes).
  • M - Magnetic Latching. Contact position is secured with the use of a permanent magnet within the coil assembly. This allows the coil to remain de-energized and prevents heat dissemination.
  • BKT - Mounting brackets. A wide selection of standard brackets for easy installation anywhere; customized brackets and hardware for special applications are available.
  • SUPP - Coil suppression. Diode suppresses voltage spike when coil is de-energized. Because this slows the contacts drop-out time, resistor/diode combinations are available to minimize this effect.
  • ENCL - Enclosed top cover. Protects contacts from dust and other contaminants (not recommended with use of magnetic blowouts).
  • AC - AC operated coil. DC coil fitted with bridge rectifier for use with AC power.
  • L - Large diameter contact tips. Increased surface area minimizes contact corrosion from severe switching.
  • EE - Metal enclosed contactors. Available for industrial vehicle applications requiring UL-EE rating.
  • P - Protection. Compliant to IP66. Included on PC60, MB60, SU60, SU80, SU280, SW80, DC66, DC88 series.