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  • Traction
  • 24V
  • 250-300A
Microprocessor based logic section combined with a proven MOSFET power section. The 1207A series controllers are efficient, cost effective and easy to install.
For small electric vehicle applications, such as walkie fork/pallet trucks, mini personnel carriers, sweepers, and other small series or compound motor applications.
  • Traction
  • 24-72V
  • 1209B: 400-500A
  • 1221B: 500-600A
Power MOSFET electronic motor speed controllers designed to provide smooth, silent, efficient and cost effective speed, torque and braking control.
For a variety of electric vehicle applications, including industrial trucks, personnel carriers, material handling vehicles, airport equipment, tow tractors, scissors-lift, and boom trucks, etc.
  • 24-48V
  • 100-250A
Advanced, programmable microprocessor based motor speed controllers. Four quadrant, full bridge power output stages provide for solid state motor reversing and full regenerative braking power. Model 1227 provides extensive standard features. Model 1237 provides additional features for special industrial applications.
For large permanent magnet motors, such as those used by large mobility aids, scrubbers, personnel carriers, small golf cars, small walkies etc.
1230 Curtis Model 1230 programmable speed controllers provide smooth and seamless control of AC induction motors. An advanced MOSFET power section, combined with a sophisticated micro-processor provides high efficiency and silent operation. The Curtis 1230 AC controller is designed for small material handling and other light industrial vehicles using AC induction motors, such as pallet movers, stackers, personnel carriers and sweeper/scrubbers.
  • Traction or Pump
  • 24V
  • 150-250A
The Curtis Model 1232 provides advanced control of AC induction motors performing on-vehicle traction drive or hydraulic pump duties. It offers vehicle developers a highly cost-effective combination of power, performance and functionality.
Curtis Model 1232 is designed primarily for Class 3 material handling vehicles, such as walkie pallet trucks. It is equally suitable for any traction or pump control application.
  • Pump
  • 24-80V
  • 400-700A
Curtis Model 1254C Pump System Controller is specifically engineered to the unique characteristics of hydraulic motor and valve control. Includes an advanced MOSFET power section and sophisticated microprocessor for high efficiency, silent operation, flexibility and ruggedness.
The Curtis Model 1254C Pump System Controller is ideal for material handling, industrial and man-up platform vehicles.
1311 LP Programmer The model 1311 LP Handheld Programmer simplifies the programming, testing and diagnosing of Curtis speed controllers and auxiliary devices. Use with any Curtis controller.
  • 12-48V
  • 20-40A
    The Curtis HF-6 charger is a high-frequency model presenting greater than 90% efficiency. Free standing or wall mounted, 12V to 48V models available. Latest Active Power Factor Correction technology available on XP Models.
    The HF-6 is compact and robust, and ideal for use with order pickers, pallet trucks, sweeper/scrubbers, stackers, tugs, mobility, golf and leisure vehicles.
    IC Series
    • Fuel
    • Pressure
    • Temp or Voltage
    Complete line of solid state display products in a variety of housings and configurations from fully assembled panels and 52 mm round gauges to individual printed circuit board based modules. Ideal for meeting a wide range of general instrument requirements as well as custom applications.
    Uses include construction, agricultural and material handling vehicles or stationary equipment such as generators, compressors and irrigation pumps.
    Model FP
    • Foot Pedals
    Curtis Model FP foot pedals are designed and manufactured to the exacting requirements of TS16949 to achieve unprecedented reliability.
    Curtis Model FP foot pedals are ideal for use with electronic vehicle controllers in material handling, construction, airport, golf, sweeper/scrubber, utility, Light-On-Road and general industrial vehicles.
    TH Series
    • Tiller Head
    The Curtis TH series are tiller heads packaged in a rugged housing that offer an attractive and practical method of controlling 24V electric vehicles.
    Equipped with an emergency reverse switch, electronic throttle, and lift and lower switches rated at IP-67, these tiller heads are ideal for both indoor and outdoor vehicles such as pallet jacks, walkies, stackers and tow tractors.