Throttles & Accessories

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ET Series
  • Electronic Throttle Assemblies
The Curtis throttle assembly provides an analog 0-5V output proportional to throttle position for interfacing with motor speed controllers.
This electronic throttle is ideal for use in material handling, golf cars, on-road and other electric vehicle applications which require a 0-5V input for speed control.
Footpedals Curtis Model FP foot pedals are designed and manufactured to achieve unprecedented reliability in off-highway vehicles. Curtis foot pedals provide a wide variety of mechanical solutions and easy integration with Curtis motor controllers.
FP10 Curtis Model FP-10 foot pedals are designed to be a reliable, safe and easy-to-install throttle for industrial battery powered vehicles. Model FP-10 offers dual return springs with fault detection on those springs to allow throttle fault detection as well as the ability to implement a “limp-home” mode.
Model ECS
  • Electronic Code Switch
The Electronic Code Switch is designed for safe machine control and to help prevent unauthorized access of the machine. If a machine is taken out of service, it is possible to block all functions except for the master code to reactivate the device.
The Electronic Code Switch is ideal for: forklift trucks, tow tractors, golf carts, IC engine vehicles, stationary equipment, pedestrian vehicles, aerial platforms, plant hire, sweepers, agricultural equipment, turfcare equipment, and Scooters.
Model FP8
  • Foot Pedals
A high specification foot pedal throttle assembly, ideal for tough environments like material handling. Ideal for use with Curtis motor controllers.
Fork trucks, golf carts, hybrid electric vehciles.
Model WW
  • Wig-Wag Throttle
Model WW is a long life 0-5kΩ wigwag throttle which provides an output for motion in both directions. The conductive plastic element in conjunction with unique wiper and shaft support design provides a durable throttle with longer mechanical cycle life.
Curtis Model WW is specifically designed for mobility aids applications which utilize a wig-wag throttle.
Steering Sensor Curtis Steering Sensor Units replace conventional steering columns on steer-by-wire electric power steering systems. They are fully integrated electromechanical units consisting of a shaft, bearings and sensors. Steering Sensor Units convert the mechanical movement of the steering wheel into a dual-redundant electrical signal that provides steering wheel position, steering speed and direction data to the steering control system. Curtis Steering Sensor Units are ideal for industrial off-highway vehicles using steer-by-wire electric power steering, such as material handling reach trucks and orderpickers, airport ground support, construction vehicles and sweeper scrubbers.