Motor Controllers - FAQs

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How do you properly set up and tune controller ?
Please refer to section 4 of the 1228 manual for proper set up. It is critical that the Motor R parameter be set correctly. It is a relatively easy procedure to initially set up.
What is IR Comp ?
IR Compensation is a method by which the controller maintains a constant vehicle speed despite changes in motor loading, i.e. ramps, curbs, inclines, etc
Mode 1 options are not effected by parameters. Is something wrong ?
Default wiring is set to Mode 2 operation. The Mode switch must be connected to 24 V and engage for Mode 1 operation.
I keep getting HPD error. My wig-wag throttle is set to the middle position, is there something I can do ?
The most likely culprit is that the potentiometer resistance has drifted over time from its initial setup. The controller has the ability to compensate for this resistance drift by increasing the throttle deadband parameter.
What is the difference between 1228-27Xxand 1228-29XX ?
Model 1228-29XX is the latest generation 1228 controller. Model 1228-29XX has the capability to sustain 110 A for a longer period of time.
What is the difference between your connector systems ?
The 1288 family is provided in three different iterations of connectors: the Curtis Connector System, the Beau connector system, and the Anderson connector system. The Curtis Connector System offers the most integrated package of the three. However, utilizing three different connector systems allows customers the flexibility to integrate the 1288 into their current design.
Can we use a XLR connector for a battery charger ?
Yes, Curtis Instruments sells a conversion cable to connected to the Curtis Conexall.
Is the joystick replaceable ?
No the joystick is not replaceable, but can be replaced at an authorized Curtis service center.
Can the 1288 brake faults be disabled for other applications other than DME ?
Yes, the brake function can be disabled by using 200 Ohms resistors on the brake output.
What is the current rating of the Controller (short time and continuous)?
The Controller can provide 100 ampere for a short time and 35 ampere continuously for each drive motor. For more details, consult the user manual of the controller.
Which third party infrared equipment can be operated through the MC-2 System?
About 90% of all infrared commands can be learned by the LCD Infrared Module.
How many seat motors can be connected to the MC-2 System?
Up to two motors can be connected directly to a Controller with Actuators. More motors can be used when one or more Seatmodules are connected to the MC-2 System. Each Seatmodule offers 5 additional channels.
What alternative input module does the MC-2 System offer, other than the Handcontrol.
1-,2-,3- and 5-Switch Tash, Sip & Puff, and Standalone Joystick.
Where can the charger be connected to the MC-2 System?
Every free bus connector in the MC-2 System can be used to connect the charger (e.g. the bus connector on the Handcontrol).
How many modules can be connected together in an MC-2 System?
Up to ten modules can be connected together like a network in the MC-2 System. However some modules can only be used once per system (e.g. Controller or Handcontrol). Multiple Seatmodules and ECU Modules can be part of the system. For more details, consult the user manual.
What do I have to do, if I have mounted a new MC-2 system the first time on a new chair?
In the MC-2 OEM Manual is an Initial checklist chapter. Follow the instructions given there.
I would like to have the manual for the MC-2 system. Where can I obtain this?
The manual can be found on our web page. The link is the following:
I have an LCD with a 5 switch input on the chair. Where do I have to adjust the drive performance?
If you connect the Handheld programmer to the system, you will find under Program the menu entry Specialty Drive. You have to adjust the Specialty Drive. The MC-2 system distinguishes between three different input device families: Handcontrol, Specialty Input Devices (all switched Input) and Attendant Control. Each of this input device has its set of drive modes (Handcontrol Drive, Specialty Drive and Attendant Drive).
How do I have to program the system to be able to use a switch input?
For Switch Input, the LCD Display is required. Please check chapter 1712-6010 LCD Display in the OEM Manual.
Can I use a normally open contact for the MFS (Multi Function Switch)?
No. The MFS has to be wired as described in the Manual under Wiring the 1712-6010 LCD Display. With the two resistors wired with the switch, a proper monitoring of the MFS is possible (detection of loss, short and cut cable).