Introducing EVerGreen Drive Systems: The exclusive Curtis Certified System Integrator in North America for Start-ups and Small OEMS who may not have in-house engineering and system integration capabilities.

Curtis Instruments, Inc., headquartered in Mount Kisco, New York, primarily focuses on major OEM electric vehicle customers worldwide. Now, a fully equipped and dedicated resource is available in North America to support smaller EV OEMs and upstart entrepreneurial EV companies: EVerGreen Drive Systems (EVerGreen).

EVerGreen is an Authorized Representative of Curtis Instruments and a Curtis Certified System Integrator providing sales, service, design engineering and application support, particularly for OEMs who may not have full in-house engineering and system integration capabilities. As a division of Global Industrial Products, Inc., EVerGreen is based in the Chicago area, and has been an industrial component sales supplier since 1996. EVerGreen has the expertise and resources to support all types of EV development projects nationwide and is a full service provider that offers electric vehicle instrumentation, drive systems (motor speed controllers and EV motors) and related components such as throttles, DC contactors, beacons, warning alarms and many more.

You can be sure that our trusted partner will be your trusted partner in the design and engineering of your electric vehicle.

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