A Company Worth Knowing Campaign

Curtis does not sell products to the general public and that's why we are sometimes under the radar locally. This 2011-2012 campaign was designed to increase recognition and awareness of the Company, it's mission and contribution to the local community and economy. One set was geared to Mount Kisco, New York, the other to the California operation. Both campaigns ran in a series of local newspapers.

Clean.Green.Growing Ad We're Oceangoing Ad No Horn Blowing Ad
  New York Series
Clean.Green.Growing Ad No Horn Blowing Ad Curtis Gets Them Going Ad Reviews are Glowing Ad
  California Series

Curtis 45th Anniversary

This advert ran in local publications in Mount Kisco, New York in 2005 recognition of our 45th anniversary as a local company. It was also designed to educate the local community of Curtis corporate presence and global activities.

Moving the World Ad

enGage VI

This 2014 advert appeared in IVT and shows the versatility and customizable options of the enGage VI (shown in both English and Chinese).

The Curtis DifferenceThe Curtis Difference

Curtis AC controllers

The 2012 IVT double-spread advert for Curtis AC controllers focuses on one of the major Curtis attributes – high technology and even higher customer application support (shown in both English and Chinese).

The Curtis Difference

The Curtis Difference

The Curtis Difference

The Curtis Difference

The Curtis Difference


This Acuity Battery Monitoring System advert appeared in the Autumn of 2012 in IVY. The minimalist approach drew attention to the short, dictionary type caption. The new product logo was introduced for the first time.


Not Just Another Pretty Face

The product introduction of the Curtis enGage® III & IV programmable instrumentation series played on the double entendre of "instrument face" with a human face. This award winning campaign ran in numerous trade publications in 2003-2004.

enGage® with Color

This campaign was inserted in major trade publications in 2011 to support the introduction of the new color instruments–the enGage VII. It makes the point of the color LCD with elaborate, bold colorful graphics. The enGage series offers programmability, color and CAN compatibility– which makes for a big splash in an advert.

enGage with Color enGage with Color


This award-winning advert ran in a major US Golf aftermarket magazine to promote the retrofitting and replacement of Curtis golf car controllers with genuine factory-direct replacement parts. The MasterDrive™ series of controllers fits in all types of golf cars was promoted with this advert from 2008-2009.

enGage with Color

enAble® Mobility System

Curtis vehicle control systems for mobility chairs lead the industry to provide unprecedented freedom and mobility to disabled end users, and they help the wheelchair manufacturers provide the best possible features and operational performance at the best possible value. This award winning "butterfly" campaign ran in a major US mobility magazine during 2008-2009.

Curtis AC Controllers

This is another award winning advert as part of the "butterfly" series. This advert from 2008-2009 promoted the full line of Curtis AC controllers in major international trade publications. The advert takes the complex Curtis controllers, which appear to some as "black boxes" and differentiates the Curtis attributes and qualities "beautifully."