Innovative Excellence Founded on December 9, 1960, by entrepreneurial engineers Edward M. Marwell and Dr.Curtis Beusman, Curtis Instruments began in a one-room office in Mount Kisco, New York. Five decades later, we are a renowned technology leader in electric vehicle instrumentation and controls, serving global markets in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. We reflect on the past with pride and confidently look forward to the future and all it promises.
–Stuart Marwell



The Nuclear Development Corporation of America develops the first mercury coulometer.

Curtis Instruments, Inc. is founded by Edward M. Marwell and Curtis Beusman. Its first products, electrochemical coulometers, put scheduled maintenance on a use-time basis instead of calendar time.

IBM Corporation becomes Curtis' first large customer of the coulometer.

Curtis' first battery monitor is designed for Union Carbide.

Curtis designs Lunar Module timers for the Apollo spacecraft.

Curtis headquarters facility is built in Mount Kisco, New York.

Curtis develops battery monitor for the NASA Lunar Roving Vehicle. NASA installs numerous Curtis visual readout elapsed time indicators on each Lunar Module to monitor electrical systems. Between 1968-72, Curtis products are launched in 13 different lunar modules.

The first overseas sales and service company opens. Curtis Instruments (UK) Ltd. is founded in Northampton, England.

The introduction of the first solid-state battery "fuel" gauge advances forklift and other electric vehicle technology. Curtis' first use of CMOS technology is applied in a battery monitor.

Curtis Instruments, SA is founded in Paris, France.

The Curtis/Albright relationship is formed.

Stephen Post invents first practical MOSFET motor controllers.

Curtis acquires PMC Energy Systems, Inc. The Curtis PMC division is established, revolutionizing motor speed controllers for electric vehicles.

Curtis Instruments (Puerto Rico), Inc. is founded.

Curtis Puerto Rico begins production of coulometers and other instrumentation products.

The first solid-state hour meters and counters are introduced.

Curtis begins production using automated SMT pick and place machines in Puerto Rico.

Curtis Instruments GmbH is founded in Paderborn, Germany.

Curtis Balkan in Sofia, Bulgaria, starts as a joint venture with Transport Electronica and Balkancar to supply speed controllers to Balkancar and other customers in Eastern Europe and Russia.

Curtis Puerto Rico starts production of motor speed controllers.

Curtis starts using automated test equipment to assure consistent quality.

Curtis Puerto Rico acquires a new building.

Curtis' first microprocessor-based controller is developed.

Curtis Instruments (Pacific), Inc. is founded in Tokyo, Japan.

Curtis Massi Elektronik GmbH is founded in the former East Germany.

Curtis' power conversion product line is introduced.

Curtis Instruments AB is founded in Stenkullen, Sweden.

Curtis Instruments (China) Company, Limited is founded, becomes one of the first wholly owned subsidiaries in China.

Curtis premieres electronic gauges for internal combustion engines featuring innovative 10-bar displays.

A comprehensive corporate identity and image program is introduced, uniting all Curtis companies under one logo and setting company wide corporate image standards.

Curtis Balkan is established in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Curtis' first programmable SepEx® controller is developed.

Curtis Instruments AG in Switzerland and Curtis Instruments CIS, Ltd. in Russia are founded.

Curtis Instruments S.r.l. is founded in Milano, Italy.

Curtis plant in Suzhou, China is opened and production of instrumentation starts.

Curtis AB in Sweden is ISO 9002 Certified.

Curtis Instruments BV in Bunnik, Netherlands and Curtis Instruments India in Pune are founded.

Curtis UK is ISO 9002 Certified.

Curtis/Balkan Ltd. is founded.

Second generation of test equipment is introduced.

Curtis Instruments (Hong Kong) Ltd. is founded.

A new Curtis plant in Sofia, Bulgaria is opened, complete with major investment in new equipment.

Curtis Massi and Curtis Paderborn in Germany merge to form Curtis Instruments GmbH.

New Curtis headquarters building construction starts in Mount Kisco.

Curtis AG is ISO 9001 Certified.

Curtis UK opens new, larger facility in Northampton, England.

Curtis PMC moves to new building in Livermore, California.

Curtis China is ISO 9001 Certified.

Curtis Balkan opens a new factory in Sofia, Bulgaria. This flagship facility manufactures a wide range of products.

Curtis Instruments, New York receives ISO certification, joining already certified Curtis offices in China, UK, Switzerland, and Sweden.

Curtis PMC introduces a new line of highly advanced AC Induction motor speed controllers.

Development of a high level Curtis VCL (Vehicle Control Language) able to control, program, integrate and configure a wide variety of Curtis vehicle products.

After leading Curtis Instruments for more than 40 years, Edward Marwell retires as president. Stuart Marwell is named President and CEO of Curtis.

The new corporate world headquarters building is opened in Mount Kisco, New York.

With more than 20 years in senior management, Stuart Marwell becomes Chairman of the Board.

Curtis introduces enGage®, a new line of fully programmable gauges and panels for both electric- and internal combustion-powered off-road vehicles.

A new generation of mobility-chair control systems is introduced. The enAble® systems provide unprecedented control, power and customization to users.

The company celebrates its 45th Anniversary and introduces a new corporate logo.

Curtis Puerto Rico and Bulgaria attain ISO 9001:2000 status.

All SMT lines are automated including PCB handling in the manufacturing process.

The company launches the implementation of a vigorous company wide quality system to assure that quality is built into every facet of the organization, from design to manufacture.

Failure Analysis Group and Reliability Labs are established in California.

Curtis starts large-scale shipments of enAble® 50 systems to Pride Mobility's Quantum line.

Automated Optical Inspection technology is introduced in the manufacturing process.

The Syteline business system is implemented in the United States, Puerto Rico, and Switzerland.

All Quality Assurance Managers and Engineers worldwide achieve Certification status by American Society for Quality.

Syteline is implemented in Bulgaria.

Curtis California achieves initial ISO 9001 certification.

Curtis weathers the deepest economic recession since the Great Depression.

Curtis facilities in New York, California, Puerto Rico, Bulgaria, and China are all recertified to ISO 9001:2008.

Curtis introduces a new series of CAN compatible instruments with color LED—the enGage® VII module.

Syteline is implemented at Curtis China.

Curtis introduces new AC controllers to round out the full power range of the product offering.

Edward M. Marwell, the Company's beloved Founder, President and Chairman emeritus, who served the company from1960-2003, dies at age 88.

Curtis celebrates 50 Years of Excellence and Innovation.