Series Motor Controllers

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  • Traction
  • 24V
  • 250-300A
Curtis PMC 1207B series motor speed controllers are the direct replacements for the earlier 1207A models. They feature a microprocessor based logic section combined with a proven MOSFET power section. The 1207B series controllers are efficient, cost effective and easy to install.
The Curtis PMC 1207B controllers are ideally suited for small electric vehicle applications, such as walkie fork/pallet trucks, mini personnel carriers, sweepers, and other small series or compound motor applications.
1216 The Curtis Model 1216 is a highly cost-effective hydraulic pump controller for use with series wound DC motors. The Curtis Model 1216 provides exceptional value for on-vehicle hydraulic pump motor applications such as scissor lifts and other types of mobile elevating work platforms.
  • Traction
  • 72-120V
  • 1221C: 400A
  • 1231C: 500-550A
The Curtis PMC models 1231C and 1221C motor speed controllers provide smooth, silent, efficient and cost effective speed control for on-road electric vehicle applications. These controllers utilize power MOSFET technology, pioneered by Curtis PMC, to provide benefits unavailable with older speed control systems.
The Curtis PMC models 1231C and 1221C are high power, heavy duty MOSFET electronic motor speed controllers which are ideal for use in electric commuter vehicles, light delivery trucks, and other vehicles utilizing up to 144 volts.
  • Pump
  • 48-80V
  • 600A
Model 1253 is a high-power hydraulic pump controller which provides both digital input and analog throttle based control of DC series wound motors. It features microprocessor based logic with programmable parameters and offers maximum flexibility for minimum cost.
The Curtis 1253 Series Motor Speed Controller is designed as an affordable solution for solid-state control of DC motor driven hydraulic pumps. Systems integration features are designed primarily for Class I and Class II material handling vehicles.
M-Series Curtis Models 1204M/1205M/1209M/1221M provide fully programmable control of DC series motors performing on-vehicle traction or pump duties. These microprocessor-based MOSFET controllers add flexibility and versatility to the time-proven Curtis series motor controller family. Primarily designed for battery-powered vehicle applications using either electric or hydrostatic traction. These include industrial trucks, personnel carriers, mobile elevating work platforms, and golf and utility vehicles.