Finally, there is a solution for one of the greatest dilemmas of fleet managers: complete and accurate battery information for the life of the battery, to help extend battery life, to improve productivity and operating efficiency – all with significant impact on the bottom line.

CanBus Diagram

The newest innovation by Curtis Instruments, the Acuity® Battery Monitoring System, is the result of more than five decades of battery monitoring experience. The unit mounts directly on an industrial, lead-acid battery and measures, records and communicates critical battery performance parameters throughout the life of that battery. Acuity® provides the most accurate, most reliable and complete set of battery information. Fleet managers will know the true state-of-charge, whether the battery has been operated according to warranty terms, and whether the battery is being used efficiently. This is accomplished by the unique and proprietary Curtis algorithm based on the simultaneous measurement of voltage, current and temperature.

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To realize the full potential of Acuity®, Curtis has developed Acu-Set™, a PC-based software tool that:

  • Programs and configures Acuity® to match the battery on which it is installed.
  • Retrieves historical battery data from the vehicle and transmits it to a PC.
  • Stores and displays instantaneous battery data on a PC.

Acuity is an indispensable information source for fleet managers, the most advanced CAN system to capture true health of the battery and its state-of-charge intelligence.

enGage VII and Acuity

Acuity screens for enGage® VII

enGage VII and Acuity

Acuity screens for enGage® IV

enGage VII and Acuity

Acuity® Battery Monitor installed in a lift truck